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y Bench

It is a systematic furniture design that contains two sets of elements: unified seating board and legs in 2 sets of lengths. A thickness of 3 cm is applied to all elements. When installed, they are all connected by one universal metal joint and stand in 2 levels. Moreover, when more elements are connected, more products can be composed, like table, bed, and etc.

这是一套模组化的家具设计。统一的座板尺寸,两个高度的凳腿,所有元件统一 的 3 厘米厚度,用统一尺寸的金色铜件连接,可以组合成高低两种长凳。如果加入 更多元件,它们会有更多的组合可能性,比如桌子、床等等。

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