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Q Chair

The chair is an immensely suggestive form. It is one of the most anthropomorphic furniture types: it has a back, a seat and legs. And the office chair has even more human presence: arms, occasionally elbows, knees and feet. From some angles the chair has a face, too. That’s where we get chair’s expression.
Q chair starts from the above mentioned research and analysis of human presence and gets inspiration from animal and human skeleton for its basic structure and appearance. A Donati Dopotutto mechanism is installed to provide an accurate, healthy and comfortable support for everyday office workers. It’s light weight, it’s dynamic, it’s small but robust. It’s Q.


Q 椅的源点来自于对人的研究,从动物和人类骨骼的结构和外观中获得灵感。它还安装了 Donati Dopotutto 的机构,为办公人员提供准确、健康和舒适的支持。

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