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The form of the Chinese character "Gong" returns to its origin and becomes a very powerful element, which can be multiplied to form infinite shapes and have many different functions. As some of the results show, it can be tables, shelf, but more importantly it completes a system, just like the principle of the character-formation in Chinese.

汉语由汉字组成,汉字由笔画组成,就是用这样的思路,将“工”字还原到它最原始的 状态,用材料做笔画,然后构成文字元件,最后组成的家具就是汉语。而“工”源于古建筑 的梁柱结构,所以这个形态本身也具有极强的组合建构能力。从桌子、茶几到架子系统,“工”的可能性一直在延续。

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