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Although we are living in a digital era, writing and sketching are still very necessary activities, especially for creative professionals like writers, artists, designers, and etc. Deskscape offers a serene space for writing and sketching. The slim flexible plastic sticks in different height provide many possibilities for placing all kinds of office tools and accessories, which make the desk mat become an interesting landscape on the desk.

尽管我们生活在电子时代,书写和绘画对于如作家、艺术家、设计师的创意产业从业者来说是非常必要的行为。Deskspace 提供了非常清爽的平台用于书写和绘画。一侧的细密错落的塑料棒为不同办公用具的摆放提供了开放的可能性,另外这些如建筑群一般的塑料棒构筑了一座桌面景观。

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