The boundary between art, craft and design becomes vaguer and vaguer. Or in other words, new creation now gets advantages from all possible areas and becomes the synthesis of them. New Objects should be born in this way. Neobject is an exhibition project with Object as the core, curated by Chen Min Office and presented in Design Shanghai. Aims to explore the excellent craftsmen with artistic aesthetics and design thinking, and show the multiple dimensions of traditional craft innovation. Break the boundary of art, design and craft, provide the stage for this highly compatible new creation.

Fusion & Boundary -- between the explicit and implicit The designer uses geometric forms and combines semi-shielding materials to create a soft space between "visible" and "hidden" exhibits. The exhibition area consists of circular booths called "NEW OBJECTOR" and scattered booths called "YOUNG BRAND". NEW OBJECTOR featuring works invited by curators. YOUNG BRAND are created by young designers, artisans and artists, and selected by curators.


展区以「融合边界,显隐之间」为空间主题,设计师运用规则几何形态,结合半遮挡材料,在“显”与“隐”之间柔和的区隔展品,赋予每一件展品被深度观看的空间。展区由称为“NEW OBJECTOR”的圆形展位和称为“YOUNG BRAND”的分散展位组成。NEW OBJECTOR 区展出作品由策展人亲自邀请。YOUNG BRAND由年轻设计师、工匠和艺术家创造,并由策展人挑选。