We hope to make a breakthrough in comfortable experience, a body feeling like floating , which requires the sofa to provide more detailed and flexible support.

The high quality leather selected by de Sede has good ductility and toughness, with triangle -- this flexible but stable basic form, lined with elastic foam, assembled into a lightweight organic support system that can fully fit the human body.

It is the mutual choice of material and form, and the best choice to reach the idea.

In addition to the physical feeling, the minimalist visual tension and architectural sense of the design itself also benefit from the rich connotation and cultural resonance of the triangle.


de Sede本身所选用的优质皮革具有良好的延展性和韧性,以三角形——这一灵活却又稳定的基本形态,内衬弹性泡沫,拼合而成的能完全贴合人体的轻质有机承托系统。