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As a special kind of space divider, the plastic strips of the Airfall are so sensitive that they can constantly catch the airstream as the power to rotate themselves. The twisted parts of the strips give out mild reflections which make the whole Airfall a totally watery feeling. The beauty of the Airfall is not only the ceaseless and slight movements inside it, but the cozy calmness it gives off. Just like a bird fleeting over the water, people will also leave some beautiful waves when they pass by the Airfall.

"气瀑布"是一面很特别的屏风。其中的透明塑料 叶片能捕捉室内各种强度的气流而让自身不断 旋转。叶片中的纵向扭曲部分通过折射和反射 光线使整面屏风拥有不可思议的水感。气瀑布 之美不仅在于其内部不停的轻微运动,更在于 它所散发的惬意和宁静。就像鸟儿轻盈地掠过 水面,人们经过气瀑布时也能留下阵阵微波。

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